The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies

Client: Sturdy Comics

  • Covers to issues no. 1 (second printing), no. 4 and the final double-sized issue no. 5
  • Pencilled, inked, and added grey tones for an 8 page comic book short story

The Society of Unordinary Young Ladies was created by Wahab Algarmi. The comic book series can be described as "Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen mashed with teenage sitcom girls from the 1980's".

(The covers were silkscreened and were designed with limited color and bold design in mind)

For San Diego Comic-Con 2012, along with issue no. 5, there was also an anthology issue released which consisted of three short stories. Each story focused on a different team from a different time period (1960's, 1970's and the 1980's team). I drew the short "A 3 Hour Tour", which took place on a mysterious island where fantasies come true but the vistors are never heard from again.
(Read it below! with bonus pinup sketch at the end.)

You can read the entire series at Wahab's Society blog:

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